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Sub Box Deal: $4/Month Bulu Box Coupon

First of all, if you’re unfamiliar with Bulu Box, it’s a subscription box service that focuses on health and fitness items. You can choose between the normal Bulu Box and a variation that focuses on weight loss products.

Here’s a cheesy promotional video:

I actually found it more helpful to just read some people’s reviews of what they got in various Bulu Boxes – here’s a couple that I looked at:
Ramblings of a Suburban Mom’s Bulu Category
My Subscription Addiction Bulu Box Reviews

Anyhow, I’ve never personally received a Bulu Box before because for me, $10 a month for mostly samples (though it looks like they do toss in some hefty gift cards every so often) just isn’t quite worth it. I love trying new supplements and workout products, it’s true, but the $10 price point just seemed a bit too much for what was given.


However, today Amazon Local put up a Bulu Box coupon deal, which brings the price down a LOT and made Bulu Box finally something I could justify trying out!

Basically, it’s a prepaid voucher for your choice of subscription lengths:
$15 for 3 months (so $5 per box)
$29 for 6 months ($4.83 per box)
$49 for 12 months ($4.08 per box)

Once you purchase via Amazon Local, you’re instantly given a voucher that you can go to the Bulu website, pick your box, and apply the code in place of any payment info (they don’t take your credit card info or anything, so you don’t have to worry about auto rebills). Easy peasy.

Now, at $4 per month I can totally see the value. So I’ve personally grabbed the 12 month voucher, but I thought I’d be nice and pass it on just in case anyone else has, like me, been kinda curious about Bulu but holding off due to the normal price.

Don’t worry, I plan on reviewing my boxes when I get them! I selected the weight loss variety since I’m trying to lose about ten pounds right now. My metabolism is total crap so I pretty much have to lose weight slooooowly because when I calculated anything more than a 1/2 pound loss per week, it would spit out something like 800 calories per day. Uh… no bueno. So we’ll see if Bulu can deliver any secret weapons on that front!

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Allure August Giveaways: Free Stuff! Free Stuff!

So, Allure is one of the few magazines that I actually still subscribe to in physical form (I’ve pretty much otherwise made the jump to digital magazines and comics thanks to my Kindle) and I noticed something verrry interesting in the most recent issue. No, not just that they called Lauren Conrad a basic bitch (ouch), it’s that they’re giving away craploads of free beauty and fashion products during the month of August.

Basically, several times each day you can log in and try to win whatever product is the featured giveaway of that hour. Some of them are raffle-style, where you enter and hope for the best, others are unilateral “first [x] amount of people to sign up get this item, guaranteed” deals. You can pre-register here if you want to avoid having to madly rush to register when you’re trying to enter. Pay attention when signing up, as one of the checkboxes will subscribe you to Allure magazine! It’s not required, I just don’t want anyone accidentally subbing because they’re trying to rush through the form.

Allure August Freebies

The full calendar of available items for the Allure August giveaways can be found here. Be warned, it’s one of those shit-tastic sliders-where-every-new-image-loads-a-new-page-because-we-get-paid-by-the-page-view setups, and Allure’s website seems kind of crappily optimizes so each slider was taking me about 30 seconds to fully load (seriously, I’m sitting here reading about the Orlando Bloom/Justin Bieber fight on ONTD in between page loads – it’s that slow). Ugh, I hate how so many sites have adopted this clickbaity setup because it’s totally annoying and slow! So with that in mind, I’m listing my personal picks here – for my own reference and sanity, so I don’t have to go back to slider hell. I’ve italicized the Asian beauty products for my /r/AsianBeauty friends – I think I managed to pull all the Asian products regardless of if I’m personally going to try for them or not, but please let me know if I missed anything or forgot to italicize one.

There are 181 different giveaways, so this is just a small portion. The rest are visible at the official calendar.

The page where you enter the giveaways once they’ve gone live is here. Bookmark that ish!

If you’re viewing this from the site’s main page, hit the read more to see the full post!

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Debaucherous Lip Balm Review: Orxata & Green Mango

When I first received my Debaucherous order, I posted some photos and initial thoughts with a promise of individual reviews soon to come. It’s been about two weeks since then, so I feel comfortable giving my opinion on the lip balms, which I’ve been using every day since they arrived.

Debaucherous Lip Balms

As I mentioned in the other post, I purchased two flavors, Orxata and Green Mango.

Orxata is a limited edition described as “Ground rice, milk, sugar and cinnamon” – it’s meant to evoke the yummy Spanish drink known as horchata/orxata. To my nose, it definitely succeeds! It’s a warm creaminess, with notes of vanilla and rice milk, and just a tad of heat from the cinnamon – not so much that you’ll end up with irritated or red lips, thank goodness. If you like sweet, food-y, dessertish scents you’ll probably love Orxata! This is an absolutely perfect fall/winter balm, in my opinion.

Green Mango, on the other hand, is all summer. The scent description for this one is “Green mangoes from the Philippines blended with lime margarita.” I picked this one hoping that it would be refreshing and not too sweet, and it turned out to be just that exactly. The mango is very green and not too ripe smelling – my problem with most “mango” scented bath & body products is that they go for such a sickly sweet note that, to my nose, it just makes me think of mangoes that have been left too long and have gone so overripe as to be… not really appetizing anymore. So I’m really happy to find a mango balm that avoids that pitfall and actually delivers a truer mango scent. The addition of the lime elevates it, giving it an extra dash of zest. Really, really loving this one – it’s my favorite of the two.

Now let’s talk about the formula! The Debaucherous Etsy shop says this about their balms:

A delightful blend that includes Virgin Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil, Carnauba and Candelila wax and Vitamin E. Lightly sweetened.

The use of the word “includes” makes me think that this isn’t a full and precise ingredients list, I expect to avoid copycats. The owner does say elsewhere that they’re vegan, and I suppose that if you have any serious allergies you could send a message asking about their presence before you order.

The balm texture is very smooth, and it melts like buttah. No, seriously, this balm melts VERY easily – if you live anywhere with hot weather, you’ll want to be careful when applying the balm – if you apply too quickly/vigorously, you might end up with a big ol’ chunk of the balm melted off, far more than you actually need. The way around this is to only twist up just enough balm, that way you don’t risk melting off way more than you wanted just by virtue of the warm air + your lips’ natural body temperature.


Once applied, the balm is quite glossy. You can see in the image above – my lips are bare beyond a fresh application of the Orxata balm. No other added color or gloss, that’s just how the lip balm looks all on its own!

The balm doesn’t fully absorb, rather, it seems that some of the moisturizing ingredients penetrate while others sit on your lips to give shine and protection. It’s not waxy by any means – so this isn’t one of those gross “feels like a wax seal on my mouth” balms. It’s also not one of those thin balms that absorbs super fast and leaves you needing to reapply every ten minutes. There’s a happy medium here, meaning that you’ll get hydration and shine for a few hours before you need to reapply.

For some more in-depth talk about the balms, how they apply with lip color, and more, hit the read more!

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Sephora Haul: Happy Birthday to Me Edition!

So, my birthday is at the beginning of August, meaning that about a week or two ago I received my card from Sephora’s VIB program telling me that it was time to redeem my special birthday gift. Since I had already been plotting an order – both to restock some essentials as well as to splurge and get myself a few presents – they didn’t have to tell me twice!

Sephora Haul

Mostly skincare items as per usual, but my two birthday treats were a cosmetics kit and a perfume. I’d been eyeing both for years, but for some reason it’s a lot harder for me to justify makeup and fragrance purchases than skincare, so I’d put them off over and over.

Sephora Samples

Between active codes, my rewards points, and my VIB birthday gift, I was able to net a ton of samples & GWP items as well. The sheet mask wasn’t a freebie, but it wouldn’t fit in the photo with the full-sized items.

Sephora Haul Unboxed

Here’s the main attractions looking all pretty unboxed. I gotta say, I personally love Dr. Jart’s packaging for the Water line. That color is one of my favorites and everything manages to look high-end without actually being in fragile glass bottles or anything!

I’ll go over everything individually for the curious, so hit the read more if you’d like to see the specifics!

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Coach Poppy Flower Review

I’ve noticed quite a few people searching for “perfume” or “fragrance” in my logs, so I figure it’s time to deliver some reviews on the topic!

I’ll be up-front and say that I am really, really, really picky about perfume. I’ve tried probably hundreds of fragrances (yeah, I’m that type who does sample orders from Lucky Scent
and other similar outlets), but I think I can name maybe 10 perfumes that I’ve liked enough to actually buy a bottle.

Coach Poppy Flower

Coach Poppy Flower is one of my recent favorites, and it’s also unusual in that I actually purchased a full-sized bottle, unsniffed and totally on impulse. Sephora had it discounted – it doesn’t seem to be officially discontinued as it’s still on the Coach website, so I assume that Sephora just didn’t think it moved well enough to keep it in stock – and the price plus Sephora’s rad return policy allowed me to justify taking the plunge. I’d already received a GWP mini of the original Coach Poppy and liked it, and Poppy Flower’s notes sounded even more appealing:

It opens with citrusy notes, wet ivy, black currant and litchi. Fruits serve as an introduction to the heart of jasmine, rose, water lily, peony and sugared raspberries, fading into the background of amber wood, sandalwood, apricot skin and musk.

Sound interesting? Hit the read more for the full review!

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Glossybox July 2014 Review & Unboxing

Well, this is interesting! It appears that the Glossybox July 2014 Spoilers that members received via email weren’t entirely accurate. I assume that something came up RE: distribution and that’s why we didn’t receive products from Nailgirls London or The Aloe Source. While I was really interested in the nail polish, I have to say that I’m honestly not upset about this development: I absolutely love all the products that I ended up receiving!

July 2014 Glossybox

First of all, apologies for the washed-out look of all the images. It’s overcast and my Kindle Fire’s camera really doesn’t do well with anything but the natural light of a sunny day! I tried to balance the colors so that they look closer to how they are IRL, but you can tell that everything still looks a tad ghostly. Sorry!

As always, the Glossybox┬ácomes in cute pink boxes with tissue-and-confetti packaging, topped up with a pretty ribbon. Part of the appeal of these boxes is the care they put into their packaging, it always feels like you’re opening a beautiful gift!

Unboxed July 2014 GLOSSYBOX

As you can see, this month it was a makeup-free box. I think that’s a refreshing change, since to be honest – I can only use so many eyeliners at a time, you know! I personally find that when the boxes feature more skincare, body care, and hair care items, I tend to be happier overall. I like playing with makeup and all, but skincare stuff is my first love when it comes to beauty.

Want a closer look at the products in this month’s box? Click the read more to see my full Glossybox┬áJuly 2014 review & unboxing!

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Holika Holika & Etude House Korean Cosmetics Haul – July 2014 Edition!

In my last Korean beauty haul post, I mentioned that what I had there was only a small part of my big June Korean beauty splurge – but since I bought from like 5-6 different eBayers, the items are turning up in chunks.

This week I received two more boxes from my June spending spree, and I thought I’d share my selections with you guys again!

Another "mini" Korean cosmetics haul!

As you can see, this time around it’s a Holika Holika & Etude House centered Korean cosmetics haul. I have to admit to really loving Holika Holika’s whole aesthetic, the cute/witchy thing is just maximum adorable to me! Etude House also has a great theme, and both brands tend to usually satisfy/impress me with their products. I need to expand into other brands, I know, but I’m already developing some serious loyalty to these two companies!

Haul Unboxed!

Here’s everything unboxed so you can get a better look at the actual product packaging.

Read on to see more pics & the specific items that I bought this time around!

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