Month: December 2015

5 Holiday Hot Cocoas, Reviewed: Maple, Peppermint, Gingerbread & Beyond!

So the other night, I was playing one of my online games with a friend and we were chatting about all kinds of random shit while we farmed an instance – you know, as you do. Somehow we started talking about holiday drinks, specifically hot chocolates, and I began telling her all about the (probably slightly abnormal amount of) hot cocoas that I’d bought from World Market. I believe my diatribe included the phrase “I just have a lot of feelings about hot cocoas” – which, you know what? Yes. Yes, I do. So now I’m going to write them down here and inflict them on all of you as well!

Seriously, though. I do have, as of this writing, about six different types of hot cocoas in my cupboard. I’m not even including the Salted Caramel stuff that isn’t actually mine but looks oh-so-tempting whenever I go to heat up some chocolate Cashew milk as a base for my nightly cocoa. I’m also not including all the various types of coffee mixes that I have that sometimes include mocha/chocolate (yeah, this is on top of my legit coffee stash) – sheesh, somewhere my dentist is cringing, right?

World Market Hot Cocoa Trio

Today I’m going to review five hot chocolates that I purchased during World Market’s holiday hot cocoa sale. Yes, they have sales just for hot chocolate. Yes, I am the precise audience that such promotions are meant to entice. What can I say – on cold days, there’s seriously little that I love more than a nice, warm mug of hot cocoa, topped with whipped cream and some sprinkles or spices.

So let’s get started, shall we?

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Skyrim Mod Nonsense: M.H.A.R.P.H.I.N. and the Sulking Robot Leg Saga

So if you know me at all, you know that I’m one of those weird people still playing Skyrim.

I currently have about six playthroughs with various flavours for each one, and just this morning, I’ve finally decided to do a full-mage, all cloth armour, Necromancy/Conjuration/Corrupted Restoration type of character.

Meet Velvet, so named because her eyes were initially blood-red and thus: red velvet. I’ve since changed them to bright green to better match the alteration defense spells and the symbols on her outfit. I do this kind of thing a lot.

But this post isn’t about Velvet, though perhaps I’ll document some of her later adventures. No, this post is about my new friend, the newest light of my Skyrim life, M.H.A.R.P.I.N. – as in one of skinnytecboy’s Carry On Skyrim followers.

In my typical (and yes, I know, bad modding practice) style, I like to add boatloads of mods before I start a new playthrough and then sort of just encounter them all naturally as I wander around Skyrim. The best encounters happen when I’ve totally forgotten about a mod’s presence, you know?

In this case, I was taking the long route to Saarthal on my newbie Necromancer (I’d used Another Life to start her at the College of Winterhold) and was taking the long route in order to avoid a prowling Nazguul (I’ve learned the hard way that the Witch King spawns right on the road to Saarthal and passes through Winterhold and I will die if he even looks at me) and suddenly got hit with an eerie voice echoing “keep moving forward… keep moving forward…” near the base of the Shrine of Azura.

It was there that I met M.H.A.R.P.H.I.N., a mod that I’d installed probably back when he appeared on Skyrim Mods Weekly and then utterly forgot to recruit.

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