Month: March 2016

Japanese Bakeable Sweet Potato Kit Kat Review!

Before I get into my review of these Bakeable Sweet Potato Kit Kat, let me just get this out of the way:

But seriously, I love sweet potatoes. I don’t know if I love them as much as Vernon Davis does, but they’re definitely top-tier food for me. I like them savory, with stuffing and sage, I like them sweet, with butter and brown sugar, I like them curried with lamb… but I have to say, I’d never really considered yams with chocolate before I stumbled upon these Bakeable Sweet Potato Kit Kats.

Baked Sweet Potato Kit Kat Bag

They’re from Japan, which shouldn’t be a surprise – Japan’s relationship with Kit Kats seems to be much more loving and devoted than America’s. Sure, we have white chocolate and dark chocolate variations of the classic Kit Kat, but Japan has created a truly massive and varied library of Kit-Kat flavors. I’ve been able to try a few before – I think I had a matcha one (which I only vaguely remember, so I guess it didn’t impress me much) and the Winter Cherry Blossom, which I recall absolutely loving. So I’ve been wanting to try more Japanese Kit-Kat flavors for quite some time, and for some reason, these bakeable sweet potato ones just sort of pushed me over the edge. I tossed a bag into my Amazon cart since they were Prime-eligible (I may have justified the impulse buy by telling myself that I could write my own Japanese Bakeable Sweet Potato Kit Kat review for the site). Two days later, they were at my door. So this morning (tsk tsk, I know), I tried them out!

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